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March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

We have now reached March. We all hoped that 2022 would be a stronger, safer year for everyone around the globe however, it looks like for many, this isn’t and won’t be the case. There is nothing that Identity Music wants to say about the upcoming events in the industry. Right now, our thoughts are with supporting people worldwide. This newsletter will show you only updates from within Identity Music while our resources are going into those affected by this terrible conflict.

We are all saddened by the events in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people, as well as those who are affected by this conflict.

We are consulting with industry professionals and advisers regarding our Russian based music platforms e.g Yandex, UMA and SberZvuk.

A&R – Tom

Tom joined our A&R team after years of producing his own releases and curating playlists. Tom is an integral part of our artist team, he is dedicated to finding fresh new artists and helping build their careers. Tom has a passion for all things music and is always on the lookout for something new, if your music has good bass and is produced well, be on the lookout for Tom!

Do You Want To Join The TWITCH Collective?

Applications are now open to join this exciting Twitch program. You can gain all the perks of being a “Selected Artist” without the usual pre-requisites. You can jump straight into creating and streaming your music, all while earning what you deserve as an artist!

What are the benefits?
– Channel Revenue
– An Hourly Broadcasting Ree
– Channel IDs & Marketing Support
– Production and Engineering Resources for high-quality live streaming
– A Dedicated Twitch Representative

Twitch and Identity Music are excited to see this platform open up and be used by musicians!

Do you want to apply?
Simply get in touch with our Client Management Team and we can submit an application on your behalf.
Our application process is fast-tracked so you don’t even need to meet Twitch’s requirements for us to make your submission!

All Identity Music artists are also free to apply to become a Twitch Affiliate, this level does not have all the benefits of a “Selected Artist” but will still give you the head start you need to succeed on this platform!

Our Hottest Releases From the last month

Chill Minute, just released their first collective EP for the world to hear! Chill with the best, and relax with this assortment of calming tracks.

At the heart of the live music scene, Tsuki is out getting his beats and remixes in front of huge crowds, and they can’t get enough. With total command of the energy in the room Tsuki and his music should definitely be on your radar! This new track is the perfect example of the energy created!

“Frozen in time” is an analog, relaxing lofi track with a delicate mix of background instrumentals, low fidelity elements and subtly moving melodies. perfect for sleep and relax playlists.

View Our New Music Distribution Brochure HERE


With more and more artists entering the music scene we are seeing a huge variety of music and talent. How are you going to stand out in the crowd? How is your music going to be remembered? Here are just three ways in which you can stand out as an artist!

Visually Interesting

Yes, you are a musician and YOUR sound is the backbone of your career. However, striking and interesting visuals can be the defining factor in whether your track is listened to or remembered.

For example; a compelling and memorable music video will be burned into the viewer’s memory along with your music!
“You know that song right? The one with those guys dancing on treadmills, OK GO!”

Unique album artwork will also make you stand out while in a playlist. Taking the time and resources to get these RIGHT will lure new listeners right to you!


Having a varied portfolio of music will impress new listeners.

Having just one “sound” may make you seem like a one-trick pony. Showing variation and wide range of skills will impress the idea that you are a true lover of music and are open to trying new sounds! Applying these skills in thoughtful and specific ways is the key to making a portfolio shine.


This quality always makes new artists stand out! Clicking onto an artist’s channel and seeing a regular stream of new music is always going to make you feel drawn to them, as new music is always around the corner. Consistency doesn’t mean “every two weeks” instead it just means your audience will know when to expect a release, at your own pace. This quality should also transfer to your online presence with regular updates, behind the scenes, and real connections with your fans.

What You May Have Missed

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Thanks for reading!

Our aim has always been to be a music distributor that gives back to our artists and labels. We will be sharing a newsletter with you now and again to keep everyone in the loop. We are allowing you to feature in our newsletters and join our music community. Want to have your input on our monthly newsletter? Get in touch with our marketing team at

By setting up your music distribution with Identity Music, you can take full advantage of our music promotion support services and get your music out to all corners of the globe. You can get in touch with our team to discuss your options here!

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