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January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

New Year, New Goals, Same Love and Support for our Artists and their Music!

What’s The Plan For The Start Of 2022?

Now is the time to get planning! Get learning, and set your 2022 off in the right direction. Start your year by thinking about what you want to achieve, setting some goals. Don’t forget to make sure your goals are achievable, you want to set goals that are within your grasp but only if you push yourself. There’s no point setting crazy goals that you are never going to achieve, small steps!

The start of the new year is a great time to learn! Get Creative! Within your music career, you will have plenty to learn such as; ‘How to use that new social media platform’, ‘How to use that new plugin or program’ or ‘How to start advertising your music effectively’! Whatever you choose to learn will help you grow as an artist in the long run.

Maybe you want to learn more about Identity Music and our inclusive services?
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Your music can now be made available on SberZvuk an internet streaming audio service that allows you to listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks. Mostly used in Russia, it boasts 8 million active users and is continually growing!⠀

Do you want your previously released tracks and albums to live on SberZvuk ASAP? Here is how to do it:
1. Log onto the client portal
2. Assets (Select the release you would like to go live on SberZvuk)
3. Distribution (Live Tab)
4. Send to More
5. Choose the date that you want the release to go live
6. Select “SberZvuk” and “Send”

** If you would like your full catalogue with Identity Music to be distributed to SberZvuk, contact us and let us know, we would be more than happy to arrange this for you.**

Our Hottest Releases From the last month

This song was originally only released on SoundCloud at the end of 2017. It was the first of its kind; at the time the lofi space was consumed by Shiloh Dynasty samples. It quickly became a fan favorite and spawned a whole new sub-genre of lofi (Christian lofi). After many requests to put it on DSP’s we can finally share it with you! Enjoy 🎆

Phonk-Beat + Shamisen instrumental gives us the latest track from @realcotard
These phonk elements add another layer to the Japanese trap category.
Out now on all major streaming services!

Sex For Breakfast by Beowulf is a great example of a new sub-genre, Christian lo-fi and provides his fans with a great release for those sad and chilled style playlists.

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WHAT Skills could YOU learn in 2022

Like we mentioned at the outset, the start of a new year can be the perfect time to start learning some new skills! The independent musician’s toolbox of skills is ever-expanding, but if you are stuck with where you could start, here are three skills we think will help you and your music succeed this year!

Video Editing

A versatile skill that will help you in many ways! You can start by downloading free software on your desktop or even an app on your phone. When you learn how to edit your own videos you will have the ability to create SO MANY assets. Spotify Canvas, Story promotions, TikToks and Reels, Music Videos, Lyric Videos, Social Media Promotion and more!

Learning the technical side is obviously important, you need to know HOW to create a video. But don’t forget to learn the theory behind good editing, learn WHY certain cuts and techniques work! If your video editing style can match your music, BOOM we are on to a winner!


Knowing how to brand you and your music can help your brand identity stand out from the crowd! Sure, you may not be the most visually talented, but knowing what works and how to work along with your established artwork can make all the difference!

If possible, work with the same designer or illustrator for each of your artworks, ask them for the pallette they used so you can use those colours elsewhere in your branding ( like in your social branding or website). You can also make use of the same fonts to bring all your visuals together. But branding isn’t all visual, sometimes it can even be your style of writing, sound design or even video editing style. Make sure each piece of promotion or content can be easily associated with your personal branding!

Content Creation

Now that you have video editing and branding under your belt you will be able to wow the world with your amazing content!

Knowing what content to make and where to post it can gain you, natural followers, online! The number one rule is to keep your music the focus, social media should be a gateway to get to know you and your music, to nurture new fans to listen to and share your music! Research what is working on platforms, follow social media gurus to figure out new and exciting content strategies!

What You May Have Missed

Some highlights from our Social Media profiles that are definitely worth checking out!

In Other Music Industry News…

One in three jobs in music lost during pandemic

Yep, we are going to mention the dreaded P word… pandemic. There were 69,000 fewer jobs in the British music industry in 2020 than in 2019 – a drop of 35% – due to the “devastating impact” of coronavirus, according to trade body UK Music. Live music revenues collapsed by about 90%, leaving musicians and those working in venues or recording studios badly affected because many were ineligible for the furlough scheme, its report says. – Source: BBC NEWS

2021 in Music: Stats that affect YOU!

Official figures released by record labels’ association with the BPI, based on Official Charts Company data, show that recorded music consumption in the UK rose by 2.5% in 2021, with 159 million albums or their equivalent either streamed or purchased across all formats by music fans. 

The ongoing growth in demand for music, fuelled by continuous record label support for artists and investment into new music, is great news not just for fans, who enjoy more choice than ever, but for artists of all backgrounds and eras – with much more now able to develop and sustain successful careers in music.

In 2021 nearly 2,000 artists (1,918) were streamed over 10 million times in the UK (excluding global streams, which tend to be x4 greater). This compares with 1,798 in 2020 and 1,537 in 2019, up a quarter in two years. Artists are now able to access distribution and streaming platforms independently, making the market even more competitive.  Well over 8,000 different artists now exceed 1,000,000 annual streams in the UK.

For an artist, 10 million streams generate at least the same royalties as 10,000 CD sales, and nearly 2,000 artists will achieve at least 10 million streams this year in the UK alone – nearly double the number who sold the equivalent number of CDs and downloads in 2007. Source:

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