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December 2021 Newsletter

December 2021 Newsletter

December is here along with the long list of things we need to get done before the new year!

What’s Next?

It’s now too late to get a new song out before the end of the year so hopefully, all your tracks are uploaded and ready to go! If you haven’t got anything planned for the festive season the new year is a great time to release new music. New Year, New music! Think of all the new playlists that will be made that could have YOUR track included. January seeing record numbers of Gym goers, think of all those new playlists being made. With a new year rolling in new hobbies and activities are started, all these new adventures need playlists RIGHT?! Get involved!



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Countdown to 2022

This guide will help you make the most of your playlist pitching opportunities!


Your music can now be made available on Triller, the popular video and content sharing app. Mostly used in America it is marketed as an app that “democratizes the music video creation process,” letting users create their own high-quality music videos to share elsewhere. Let your fans take your music to new places with Triller and get involved!⠀

Do you want your previously released tracks and albums to live on TRILLER ASAP?
Here is how to do it:
1. Log onto the client portal
2. Assets (Select the release you would like to go live on TRILLER)
3. Distribution (Live Tab)
4. Send to More
5. Choose the date that you want the release to go live
6. Select “TRILLER” and “Send”

Our Hottest Releases From the last month

This funky tune from @moonwaxuk is getting us pumped for the weekend! Be sure to check out this track and add it to your upbeat playlists!

A psychedelic journey recorded through 2019-2020 in bedrooms across Brooklyn and a cabin in the mountains. “I” finds Matt singing over wailing synths and frenetic drumming, all set to Aaron and Joey’s fuzzed out riffs. Combining the styles of heavy psych, acid folk, garage rock, and surf, the band layers together sounds that build new worlds.

Keane (Kainbeats) is a pianist/composer and medical student. Inspired by the tranquility of warm light and peaceful dreams, he crafts each mix to avoid harsh sounds.

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Top Tips From Identity Music

We are invested in YOUR success, that is why we are on hand Monday – Friday 10am-6pm BST to answer any questions you might have. All of the teams here at Identity Music are here to make the music industry a fair industry. This starts with helping you get the most out of your music distribution.

Each and every month we will be bringing you new top tips on how to make the most of what Identity Music has to offer or music industry hacks to get your releases out without hassle.

With 2022 right around the corner we want to share the top tips to get your music heard this year! Promoting your music effectively is a valuable skill!

Don’t Forget The Visuals!

Yes, your new track is bangin’ but it won’t be noticed by music browsers if your visuals are lacking! Your visuals are a tool to lure potential fans in to have a listen.

Making your album art fit your VIBE is key! The album art should be an extension of the track and should have just as much creativity involved. If design is not your strongest skill, collaborate with a designer or artist, they will be able to translate your vision into a design that works on levels that you may not even be aware of!

Using the album artwork as a base, you can then create marketing with assets from the design, a Spotify canvas and as much social media content as you like!

Social Media

The trick is in the name, be SOCIAL! Interact with your fans and create new creative connections.

Staying consistent on Social media is key, staying in the public eye will keep a steady stream of listeners and fans coming.

Knowing and exploiting the different platforms will keep your online presence as efficient as possible! Facebook will have a slightly more formal tone, Instagram is the best place to show off new skills and share exciting experiences and TikTok is the best platform to experiment and have fun. Jump on them memes!

Playlists are Powerful

So we have discussed how to reach new fans visually, but what if your music can speak for itself!

Having your track in a playlist is a great way to reach new people without them “searching” for your music. If it catches their ear and stands out they may follow back to your profile and find more of your delicious music!

To get on these playlists you will need;
– To be prepared! Submitting your music early will give it a better chance!
– A great pitch outlining how your track will benefit the playlist.
– A great team, like Identity Music, behind you to help submit your pitch.

What You May Have Missed

Some highlights from our Social Media profiles that are definitely worth checking out!

In Other Music Industry News…


It is that time of year again, Spotify’s annual Wrapped promotion!
Whether you are an artist embracing the listeners of your music or a fan proud to be in your ideals top 1% of fans, Spotify Wrapps is loved by many. Spotify users will be able to see their top artists, genres, tracks and podcasts in the Wrapped section of Spotify’s app, along with how many minutes they’ve listened to in 2021. (Well, most of 2021. The Wrapped data is based on listening from 1 January to 27 November. Mariah Carey must be furious! Although her December royalties will probably soften the blow…)

More than 170 artists and podcasters have also filmed videos for Spotify to thank fans whose top lists they’ve appeared in, with those clips also appearing in the Wrapped hub. Here are a few of our artists who have shared their 2021 Spotify Wraps!

PiGroovSense creates party playlists based on who’s in the room

Everyone knows that if it’s your party, you put the music you like on the playlist, and if any other guests like it, it’s a bonus. Right? Well, startup GroovSense wants to help people have more democratic gatherings, in a musical sense.

It’s an app launching today that aims to play music based on the tastes of everyone in the room. Or at least, everyone in the room who’s got the app and has it connected to their Spotify or Apple Music accounts – with Deezer, Tidal and SoundCloud to be added soon.

The app isn’t just about aggregating tracks from their personal playlists though: GroovSense claims it can “identify markers of positive or negative expression – for example, whether or not a guest is dancing, and who enters or leaves the virtual perimeter” to adapt on the fly. The startup is hoping that bars, pubs and restaurants will see value in using its app, as well as people holding private gatherings. – Music 🙂 ally

Thanks for reading!

We hope that you are ready for this new season. It is a pleasure to work alongside so many talented musicians, thank you all for choosing to work with Identity Music.

Our aim has always been to be a music distributor that gives back to our artists and labels. We will be sharing a newsletter with you now and again to keep everyone in the loop. We are allowing you to feature in our newsletters and join our music community. Want to have your input on our monthly newsletter? Get in touch with our marketing team at

By setting up your music distribution with Identity Music, you can take full advantage of our music promotion support services and get your music out to all corners of the globe. You can get in touch with our team to discuss your options here!

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