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August 2021 Newsletter

August 2021 Newsletter

Summer is essentially in full swing (for those in the northern hemisphere), which means spending more time outside enjoying BBQs, Festivals, Beach trips and other fun events.

Alongside many countries, the UK has now had a few months of lockdown rules being reduced, allowing us to get back to our ‘normal’ routines. Despite regulations easing, it is safe to say that July was a month of high stress for us all! With the Euros keeping everyone on the edge of their seats and countries competing to knock Italy off the top spot, emotions were high. Who knew that the same country could win Eurovision and UEFA EUROs.

Does anyone else feel that the UK Top Charts were trying to tell us that England was not going to make it to the No1 spot of the UEFA EUROs?

Without people noticing, music became a key investor in the Eurogames. With every England win, the descant of ‘Sweet Caroline’ overthrew the arena, this release quickly bounced up in the charts. Alongside Three Lions the football chants were racing to be the No1 of the Uk Top Charts. Well, the results for the charts were released 30 minutes before the games started… Ed Sheerans’ ‘Bad Habits’ snuck past ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘Three Lions’ leaving us wondering – was this a sign of our football luck?

Regardless of the UEFA EUROs winner, most of us enjoy watching and supporting our countries and it is great to see that a track from 1969 can still pull a country together and give hope for the future.

Identity Music Monthly Round-UP!

Identity Music has some exciting news that we can share over the next few months. As you all know, we work very hard to keep developing new opportunities for our clients.

Over the next few months, you will be receiving some notifications from us about new music platforms that you can release your music on. We have over 17, yes you read that correctly, new music platform partnerships, allowing you to get your music out to a wider audience and gain new listeners and fans.

Updates are being made to our client dashboard to make it even easier to navigate! We won’t spoil all of the amazing changes but we are very excited to be able to share this with you all soon.

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Our Hottest Releases For July

‘Horns’ By Yung Van

This new track from Yung Van (and a little help from Demxntia) gives us those throwback emo-vibes, mixed with the freshest rap and production. After reaching top SoundCloud playlists we are sure this song will be sticking around for years to come!

‘Too Much’ By Hunter Blair Ambrose

Are you looking for a new track for your summer-ready BBQ playlist? Look no further, this new release by Hunter Blair Ambrose is made to join you on those long summer evenings while relaxing with your friends. Get the beverages out, the playlists on and enjoy the heat.

‘Fell Down Falling In Love’ By Sean Gerty

We have all had that heart-wrenching relationship that broke us when it ended. Well, if you need to get over your ex, we have got you. Give this track a listen! Sean Gerty gives us closure in song form and we are loving this indie-pop vibe!

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Top Tips From Identity Music

We are invested in YOUR success, that is why we are on hand Monday – Friday 10am-6pm BST to answer any questions you might have. All of the teams here at Identity Music are here to make the music industry a fair industry. This starts with helping you get the most out of your music distribution.

Each and every month we will be bringing you new top tips on how to make the most of what Identity Music has to offer or music industry hacks to get your releases out without hassle.

Jess – A&R Team

For a smooth release for your new track, checking your metadata when uploading to our dashboard is key. While we are more than happy to assist you with any metadata issues or changes, if they occur, checking your metadata before sending it to us can limit the chances of errors.

When uploading your track to the dashboard, the final section allows you to check the data. Allowing you to ensure everything is perfect before submitting.

Quick Tip:

Check the Time Zone when choosing a release time. If you want your track to release in every country at Midnight on Spotify, leave the timezone blank.

Laura – Operations Team

You have created your next release, arranged for curators to promote it and built up hype… don’t forget to think about the visuals that go alongside your release. High-quality visuals can make your track look professional and gives another recognisable element to your track making it more likely to trend.

When arranging artwork for your release you must ensure that it complies with all of the album artwork guidelines. If you upload artwork that does not comply with regulation then it will not be approved for distribution.

Quick Tip:

If you are unsure about Album Artwork Guidelines when distributed your music please check out Identity Music’s guide. Click Here To See Our Guide.

Sam – Marketing Team

With summer in full swing (and restriction lifting), now is the time to get back in touch with the music community and embrace the independent musicians of the world. Connect with producers, writers, singers, and Instrumentalists of all kinds. Make sure to attend your communities events, share them online, tag them as much as possible to encourage your fans to become theirs and vice versa. The more musicians embrace their community the more it will grow.

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In Other Music Industry News…

Deezer has released a new app with the aim to empower artists to better understand their fans & listeners and provide support to take musician’s content to the next level and reach a wider audience.

‘Deezer for Creators’ is a mobile app destination for artists, managers and podcasters that provide analytical performance data based on how fans and listeners engage with music and podcasts for in-depth insight into their streams.

What Can You Do With Deezer for Creators?

  • Customize your profile so fans can get to know you! Add a bio and a photo, and use the highlight feature to showcase your new releases or tracks you want your community to easily discover.
  • Keep your fans engaged as you grow. Connect with your listeners, notify your followers about new releases and share your milestones every step of the way.
  • Get in-depth analysis into who’s listening for a closer look at your audience, and explore insightful data to better understand your performances.
  • Monitor your music using data insights to continuously track how your releases perform and evolve over time.

How Do I Get Deezer for Creators?

Gain assess now by going to Fill in the required application fields and connect your Facebook profile (the validation process may take a few days). Once this is completed, download the app on your phone and sign in. Then create your profile and start tracking your releases!

Get Your Lyric Videos Faster Than Ever!

LyricFind has launched a brand new tool to helps artists and labels create lyric videos quickly and free of charge.

LyricFind state that this new system generates a video using custom backgrounds, fonts and visualises to animate a track’s lyrics, including translations, in seconds. The idea is that labels will be able to use it for large catalogues of music that don’t already have videos (or, indeed, which could do with a second lyric video to sit alongside the official music video).

Want to know more? Click Here

As all musicians know, exposure is the key to success. Getting your music out to a wider audience helps you gain thousands of more fans. The bigger the exposure the higher the better. A perfect example of this is the Eurovision winners!

The Eurovision winners, Måneskin, have raced to 50 Million listeners on Spotify! This means that they are currently the 14th biggest artist profile in Spotify!

Want to buy a slice of the rights to Shrek soundtracks?

Now, those of you who don’t know, Shrek fans (also known as ‘Brogres’) have rejoiced that you can now officially buy a slice of the rights to the Shrek Soundtrack. This is completely true if you would like to purchase a slice, you can – as long as you’ve got $2.3m to spare.

To watch the journey of bidders fight for their slice of this loved series of films CLICK HERE.

Thanks for reading!

We hope that July was as kind to you as it was to us. It is a pleasure to work alongside so many talented musicians, thank you all for choosing to work with Identity Music.

Our aim has always been to be a music distributor that gives back to our artists and labels. We will be sharing a newsletter with you now and again to keep everyone in the loop. We are allowing you to feature in our newsletters and join our music community. Want to have your input on our monthly newsletter? Get in touch with our marketing team at

By setting up your music distribution with Identity Music, you can take full advantage of our music promotion support services and get your music out to all corners of the globe. You can get in touch with our team to discuss your options here!

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