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8 Ways To Make Your Music Discoverable

8 Ways To Make Your Music Discoverable

If you are serious about sharing your music in 2021, you need to think about the pervasiveness of digital software in the industry today. From spreading the word about your release, selling gig tickets or shifting merch, your online presence will make or break your level of success. In order to see results, you need to make your music discoverable. 

Music discovery has one goal: Attract new fans for your music. 

Almost everyone with an internet connection uses social media and search engines every day. But, 11,000 songs are released every day. That gives you a lot of competition. Here, we will help you to make your music more discoverable and take advantage of the full reach the digital word has to offer.

Get Your Music Online, Everywhere!

Getting your music online and available across the globe is the first step you need to take. We aren’t just talking about one or two platforms either. Here at Identity Music, we work with more than 50 of the biggest platforms in the music industry. This includes Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube and more. 

This is vital for any musician who wants to build a career from their work. Just because you listen on Spotify, doesn’t mean every one of your fans does. Your music needs to be available wherever your fans are, on whatever platform they use.

Use The Social Media Networks!

Yep, set up profiles on the social media networks and prominent music community sites. Ideally, all of them. But don’t stretch yourself too thin. If you won’t use it, don’t make it. Inactive social media accounts are not a good thing for your brand.

Social media networks have an incredible level of reach and provide you with a hub for engaging with your fans. 

Don’t Forget About Your Music!

We know this might seem stupid, but don’t forget why you are building a digital presence. You are doing it to upsell your music. So remember to actually tell people about your music. So many musicians set up an Instagram account and just post selfies on there. Releases go by, and there’s nary a mention of their socials. Don’t do this!

When you have something going on, let your followers know. Tell them when you have something in the works and went it lands!

Best of all, make point to it. You need your music to be findable within one click. You should make this easy by using a fanlink that you can direct everyone too, which then has a link to stream on all the most popular platforms. 

Share this link everywhere! In your bio, on your social posts, in your email footer and more. Don’t forget to share your music when you are trying to make your music discoverable. 

Use Video Content

No, you don’t need to have a professional, HD, cinema quality music video. You don’t need a music video at all. But, when you share your music on social media, use video content. 

On social media you literally have a second to capture attention before a user keeps on swiping. Make sure you use that! Make your content engaging.

You’e put so much effort into your music, why skip the hard work here? That will just leave you skipping the reward.

Allocate Small Budgets

Don’t panic! We know that the life of an independent musician who is trying to build a music career isn’t a life of stuffing your pillow with money. You don’t need a £50,000 marketing budget to make an impact. You can use small budget boosts, literally anything from £1 upwards to add some extra reach to your strategy. When you have a new release, try adding some small budgets on a focused audience group.

Optimise it

SEO is the process of making your content visible and appealing to search engines such as Google. The acronym stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and it is exactly that. SEO is an art of optimising your content so that it will rank high on search results and bring you in organic traffic, which is traffic you don’t have to pay for! 

SEO can be very useful for musicians, as it can for most businesses. Unfortunately, it is something which not many people know about and even when they do it’s often pushed to the side. If you’re wondering why your online presence is disastrous, then i’ve got one thing to say to you… SEO!

Optimising your online presence can be an intimidating task for musicians. But this post will help you to understand the music SEO basics and how to market your music using some simple SEO tricks: SEO for Musicians

Get Featured On Blogs, Playlists or Online Articles

Getting featured by a playlister, a blog or mentioned in an online article is a fantastic way to increase your exposure. Each of these tools have their own established audiences and any involvement in their content will enable you to get in front of new fans you don’t necessarily have the means to reach.

Outreach and network with bloggers, journalists and playlisters who are relevant to your sound. Whenever you have a new project in the works, get in touch with them to try get a shout-out!

Pay It Forward

Something many people don’t think about, or, actively avoid is promoting other artists. 

You aren’t the only one fighting to be heard in an overcrowded industry. Giving them a leg up does not push you down. Show the peers you respect some love and promote their shows, albums and new songs.

Helping to build other artists can get you involved in your local community or genre community. It draws attention to you and strengthens your brand. You show people that you value talent, not just your own success. 

It’s also known to be highly contagious. When you give an artist a leg up, more often than not, they will return the favour. This is why social networking and collaboration are so important. Building up another artists will funnel growth to you.

Are you looking to get your music out there? With Identity Music you can get your music all over the globe in order to gain the maximum exposure. By using our distribution and music promotion services, you’ll be able to take control while watching your music reach new heights.

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