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What The Covid-19 Roadmap Means For Your Music!

What The Covid-19 Roadmap Means For Your Music!

Last week the UK government set out a new plan for reopening the country and the economy following months of lockdown. For many people this has provided a breath of fresh air and a glimmer of hope. Now, we are able to start looking forward to a return to normality. But, what exactly does that mean for budding young artists and those in the music industry?

While there are a lot of positive changes in the coming weeks, we do unforunately have to say that there are little changes to support the music indstry until at least stage three. This is due to come into effect no earlier than May 17 2020. At which point the restrictions start opening up our opportunities and getting us back out into the world.

Let’s take a little closer look at the proposed plans and how it will impact us musicians…

The Lockdown Roadmap:
Stage 1

The first steps in easing lockdown are basic changes to social restrictions that will start us on the road to normality. These are broken up to take place over two dates.

8 March
  • Two people from different households can meet outside in public areas for recreation, including for a coffee or sitting in the park.
  • Schools and Colleges will reopen and university courses with a practical element will resume on campus.
29 March
  • People will be permitted to meet outside, including in private gardens, with one other household and within the rule of six.

Stage 1 sees us being able to see our closest friends and families again by the end of the month. This is nicely timed for the gardens to become available just before BBQ season starts! These measures, whilst extremely helpful for our mental health, do not do much to change the current situation for musicians.

Stage 2 – April 12th
  • Non-essential shops can re-open with social distancing measures.
  • Restaurants and pubs can serve customers outdoors in beer gardens.
  • Theme parks, zoos and drive-in cinemas will reopen.

Stage two gives us a little more normality. Bigger areas of the UK economy start to open, but it seems unlikely that this will provide much base for musicians to get back to gigs.

Stage 3 – May 17th
  • People can meet up to 30 people outdoors. Indoors meeting is allowed with one additional household and up to six people.
  • Hospitality venues are able to seat and serve indoors.
  • Theaters, cinemas and museums can re-open.
  • Performance and large events can open. These will be subject to capacity limits though. For indoor events they can be at half capacity or 1,000 people, and outdoors they can be at half capacity or 4,000 people – whichever is lower. For large venues (at least 40,000 capacity) up to 10,000 will be allowed to attend

Now this is the key stage for us music folk! Pubs, theaters and outdoor performance venues can re-open which means the return of one vital aspect… The gig! These will be in limited capacities, but it is much closer to what we’ve all been waiting for! This date is potentially subject to change, but we are hoping to see you back on stage in just three months time!

Stage Four – June 21st
  • All legal limits on social contact will be removed.
  • Nightclubs will be allowed to reopen.
  • International travel will be reviewed.

Again, like stage three, this is gold dust for artists! Festivals, gigs, concerts and other live events will all reopen!

An Important Note

All of these dates are subject to change, so you might need to be prepared for some short delays. The UK government has continued to stress that they will be guided by “data, not dates” and will make informed decisions that don’t necessarily adhere to the initial time-frames. As it currently stands these are the planned dates for measures to lift, but these should be thought of as the earliest points in which they will come into force.

What does this mean for me?

Where things really open up is in stage four, which is currently expected on June 21st. However, there are some useful changes in May which might see us return to live performing in a smaller capacity. Whether these dates continue as planned or experience a delay, this does open up the hope of gigs and tours making a full comeback in the near future,

What should I do?

You should get planning and get booking! Don’t be so hasty and forget that these dares are provisional though. You will need to arrange a back up plan which accounts for delays or cancellations, leaving your fans without a negative impact. A lot of attendees will be reluctant to purchase tickets without a clear cancellations policy in place. Work closely with your venues and vendors and establish a cancellation policy that ensures fans will receive full refunds. You will want to know this policy to clearly explain it to fans.

You aren’t the only one looking to book, so you will need to be quick if you want to perform this year. Gigging seasons and festivals are back on! According to LiveNation, 170,000 festival tickets sold within the first three days of the announcement. Now is the right time to think about your events calendar for 2021/22 and getting booked in!

Stop! Are You Okay? 

We know this is very positive news, but there have been a lot of negatives in recent months, delays are still a possibility and there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong. Don’t neglect your mental health. Focus on the future and look forward to the positives, but don’t allow yourself to suffer in the present. If you need support check out our mental health resources blog here: Mental Health Resources. We are on our way out… But its not all clear yet! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

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