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Hosting An Online Release Party

Hosting An Online Release Party

This past year has hit us all hard. For musicians, it has changed the way we need to work. Many of us have tried holding new releases back, but, after 12 months we know you just can’t wait any longer! You aren’t the only one! So how do you launch your latest single or album without being able to host an event? Well, the virtual nature of the pandemic has changed the way we work and now there is nothing you can’t do online!

In the age of normality, release parties were at the top of the to-do list. It has always been a traditional way to promote your band and build excitement about your new release.

Why not take the release party online? Hosting an online releasing party will enable you to stand out from the crowd, reach a diverse audience and create some excitement about your upcoming project.  


Producing a successful live stream is a careful art. You need everything to go right and it can be hard to keep it all clocking over and running smoothly when juggling so many aspects. Think of live TV shows. Almost every episode encounters at least one technical problem. Things can go wrong and leave you needing to problem solve on the spot. In order to succeed, you need to prepare well. As the old saying goes: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Pick Your Platform

There are countless platforms to broadcast live on, though only a handful that will suit your audience. We have listed the top choices below to help you decide what to do. If you want to cover all your bases you could use a multi-stream platform that will enable you to stream to several platforms at one time. Whatever you choose, make sure you know how the platform works, so you can run it smoothly!

Instagram Live

By now, if you have been following our blogs, you should have an Instagram account set up for your artist presence… If you do, fantastic! If you don’t, imagine us face-palming as hard as possible. Now times that by 10.

If you have an Instagram set up, you’ll also likely have a number of fans already established there too. This platform is the top priority for artists to use and growing it is easy. 

In turn, it has also got to crack the top-spot of contenders for hosting your release party. Firstly, it’s incredibly simple for you to get started on. You just need to set up a smart phone camera, tap a few buttons, and that’s it, you’re live! If you’re fans can’t make it at that time, it stays in your story section for the next 24 hours, so there’s plenty of time for them to catch up.

Since the start of the pandemic, this platform has already hosted some music legend’s mini-concerts, including Coldplay and Pink.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live has seen a large spike in usage during the lockdown periods. Live has proved popular with comedians for live stand-ups, DJ Sets, live concerts and more! What makes Facebook so flexible is the ability to use phones or computers. This is something that Instagram is lacking, and you can save your phone’s life by not needing to balance it precariously against a glass of water!

YouTube Live

Or you could try YouTube live. This is the most used live streaming platform out there! YouTube is a great choice for any music live-stream, because the majority of the visitors are already looking for music anyway! Talk about having them in the palm of your hand! Lots of stars have used YouTube for hosting home concerts and Q&A sessions over the pandemic, including Dua Lipa.

If you don’t feel like these platforms are the best choice for you, you could try Twitch, Twitter and Periscope too.

Get The Guest List Going

This isn’t your fan guest list… This is your guests! During real-life release parties guests are very common. You need to keep your fans engaged and valuing the experience. Artists often invite other bands, speakers, influencers and presenters to work with them, introduce them, perform with them and a variety of other roles. This helps to provide more layers to your event and enables you to execute a more exciting launch.  You can still do this with a live-stream event. Arrange for a surprise guest performance to up your game and wow fans!


This is a tough one! What makes a good release party, and what makes a good online release party are two very different things. You need to combine entertaining and engagement for an online party to work. You won’t have the atmosphere to engage the audience, so you will have to work harder than if it was an in person one.

The majority of release parties are built around live sets. You can still do this with your virtual party, or you could try using the party to premiere your music video. Alongside this, couple it with something that enables your fans to get involved. Perhaps talk about how you recorded the music, or created the music, enabling your fans to partake in Q&As. Interview band members or allow your viewers to do it for you!

Can You Monetize It?

Release parties usually make money from merch tables. Fans love picking up a few bits of memorabilia from the event and it makes a great source of income. Try posting links to your merch store online and promote the items to your fans.

Alternatively, you could try selling tickets to the event to your attendees and make money from the event. This only works if you know you will have a good turn out to your event. There is no point hosting a ticketed event that only your mum will turn up to!

If you manage to attract new fans and grow your audience, your stream counts will keep going up, increasing your royalties payments nicely.

Having an online release party is a great way to enhance your release’s reach, give fans something to enjoy in these strange times, and potential, add a few pennies to the piggy bank!

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