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2021 Music Promotion Guide

2021 Music Promotion Guide

We are now halfway through 2021, we will agree that it started a little… weird. But here’s hoping that 2021 returns us all to normal soon! Throughout the last 12 months, more and more artists have been focusing on their music. With little else available to focus on, many have used the ongoing circumstances as a creative retreat. Now, we are seeing more and more independent artists launching their career, it is important that you know how to promote your music!

To help budding new artists share their music, we have put together this Music Promotion Guide. Whilst we are seeing more and more artists take the independent route, we are also seeing many promising artists who don’t know the power of promotion.

Before we get started, it should go without saying really, but the first thing you need is great music. If your music is lacking, no amount of promotion will help you build a sustainable career. You could implement every strategy in this guide and more, but it would never be enough. Make sure that your tracks, Eps and Albums are well-written, well-produced and well-mastered.

How To Promote Your Music 2021

Create A Social Presence

Developing a consistently engaging presence on social media is at the heart of your promotional activities. Social Media gives artists the potential for global reach, spanning billions of users. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok the right way is essential.

All over the internet, there is a mass of advice on how to manage your social media.  We have put together a short guide on the platforms below and some useful links to other articles we have published to help you get to grips with it all!


Facebook has been one of the leading social media hubs for businesses and artists to promote their work for years.

During 2020, Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly users. That is approximately 35% of the current world population! However, it is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses and artists to reach fans organically. Facebook works well if you have some spare change to pump into it. Don’t worry about a huge budget, Facebook is an ideal spot for small campaigns.


Instagram is the go-to platform for creatives of any category. The way Instagram works enables you to build a strong, visual brand and identity. Posts, stories, live streaming, IGTV and the new reels feature, you have a mass of tools at your fingertips to help you access more than 800 million users.


Twitter is ideal for conversations, quick updates and interactions. This would be a great place for you to share your thoughts, do Q&A sessions and generally interact with your fans. Trending hashtags give you opportunities to weigh in on trending topics.

Take care on which topics you get involved in though! If your comments are controversial or misinterpreted, it could quickly spiral out of control. Negative social media posts are typically shared between 350% and 633% more than positive updates, meaning they can spiral out of control quickly.


TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms out there! Now with over 800 million active users, many falling in the younger demographic, this is a key way to promote music online. 

Make sure you apply for verification on all of your accounts. Then your fans will know it’s the real you!

All clients with Identity Music receive a FREE Social Media Guide. This includes basic information on each social media platform to help artist’s know which platforms will suit them as well as an exclusive Release Timeline to guide artists to get the most out of their social media and build their fan base on music platforms.

Here is a sneaky peak of our Social Media Guide: Page 1 of 6

Top Tip:

Each social media platform has its own analytics tools built in. Take advantage of these to work out how your audience is responding to which content. This will track all the likes, clicks, comments and retweets, as well as general post engagements, to show you what lands and what really doesn’t. By doing this you can ensure you are posting what your fans want to see!

 Myth Busting: “There is no such thing as bad publicity”

This is not true! Of course, bad publicity gets your name out there, but it ultimately damages your reputation long term. You will always be that person who said it. It will follow you for years and it will be dug up again in the future, we see it all the time. Be careful about getting publicity for the sake of publicity and focus on developing your brand and promoting your music in a positive way.

Here are some more blogs that might be able to help you as you build up your personal presence:

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Set Up Your Website & Mailing List

One of your highest priorities should be your online presence. This is more than just social media. This also relates to how people can find you via search engines. By having your own website, you will be within every fan’s reach.

Set up a stylish and professional website that reflects you as an artist. When done right, this will be the beating heart of your online presence. Your website should feature music links, upcoming releases, tours, merch stores and anything else needed to create hype.

Within your website, add a “subscribe” button. This way your fans can give you contact details for important updates.  If a fan gives you their email address, it means they want to hear from you, and a message direct to their inbox about your latest release or upcoming tour is much more likely to reach them than a social post.

Once your website is established, focus on optimising it for search engines. This is a daunting task for those new to digital tech, but we have put together a guide that can help you get around it! SEO for Musicians | Identity Music.

Utilise PR and Press Coverage

Music PR is a way of promoting your music and content to generate attention from the public and media. Music Public Relations provides vital access to the industry and as an independent artist you can take advantage of this on your own.

If you get your music featured in popular music publications, you are on to a winner! There is a whole spectrum of sites ranging from multi-national magazine to budding blogs. These publications have dedicated follower bases who you can gain exposure to and gain features that enhance your reputation.

Check out our recent blog on Music Public Relations strategies for more guidance: Boosting Your Music PR In 2021 | Identity Music.


One thing you can’t afford to ignore is playlisting. Whether it’s playlists on Apple Music, Spotify or others, they can garner you hundreds of thousands of new listeners worldwide, sending your streaming figures shooting up.

Spotify has both algorithmic playlists and curated playlists. Both are good, but algorithmic playlists are the ones packing the biggest punches. You’ll need to work with a team who know how to playlist pitch well and ensure you tick all the right boxes to see yourself featured.

Big streaming increases rack up big royalty earning too!

Find out how to keep safe from scammers and make smart playlist decisions here: 5 Music Industry Scams | Music Promotion | Identity Music.

Create hype and increase your discoverability: 7 Ways To Build A Hype | Identity Music.

Play Live

Yes, you heard that right… get back out into your local town and perform your music live! Throughout 2020 and early 2021 this was not an option, but now everything is opening back up and gigs are a go!! Take this opportunity to get back out into the live scene and play your music for an audience that has long waited for the return of live music.

If you are not quite ready to get back in public, plan in advance and prepare some set ideas. You have to be memorable in order to pick up new fans and this gives you plenty of time to put on a show that knocks their socks off.

In the meantime, try live streaming! It’s a little different, but we could all use a pick-me-up right now. It’s definitely a great way to keep your current audience engaged, as well as provide reach to new audiences…

Find out more about getting started with live streaming here: You can’t concert? You can… Live Stream! | Identity Music.’

Make Your Music Available

In order to get your music discovered, you need to make it available. Different audiences have different preferences on their platform of choice, so you need to cater to each of them. By getting on a broad range of streaming platforms you could cover the globe and reach audiences everywhere.

Most of your audience will be listening to music through streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and similar. This is where they can stream their favourite artists, discover new music and store everything they like. You will want to make sure your releases are available on these digital service providers. This can be done through a Digital Music Distributor like Identity Music. 

You’ve Got This

If you want to get your music listened to… And not just by your nan and next-door neighbour, you will have to take some steps to share it with the world. Using this promotion guide, you can cover all the basics and show everyone what you have to offer.

Any well thought out promotion strategy should combine the power of social engagement with the reach of the internet and a little bit of atmosphere. It may sound tricky at first, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time. 

Are you looking to get your music out there? With Identity Music you can get your music all over the globe in order to gain maximum exposure. By using our distribution and music promotion services, you’ll be able to take control while watching your music reach new heights.

If you would like any assistance or further guidance, contact Identity Music for more information.

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