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Why You Need A Team

Why You Need A Team

When it comes to being an independent artist, many people believe that you need to do exactly what is says on the tin… Be independent. But the reality is, going out own your own isn’t always the best way forward. In order to see results what you need is a fully rounded team that helps you grow, expand and develop your music in line with your vision.

Developing a team of people to work with you on your artistry doesn’t stop you being an independent artist. You are still in the driving seat, keeping full control of your journey and the destination. By getting support, this won’t change. As an independent artist who is in control of their own craft, you are able to keep creative control over how your team supports you in moving the car forward.

Your team should be as individual to you as your music is. When creating a team, it should be moulded around you, your strengths, weaknesses and goals. Each team member should complement you and your music. There is no way for one person to be good at everything and when you enlist the services of support, you are acknowledging that someone else could manage part of your strategy on your behalf in a more effective way.

How a Team Might Help You

By outsourcing the work that you are not as skilled at you stand to increase your success in a big way.

Firstly, those tasks will now be completed to a more effective standard, landing you better results. The best thing is, unlike when you sign away all control in a major record deal, you can keep control of everything. Your team will be executing your music promotion or your distribution in line with your vision. You will set the ground rules about what activities you want them to engage in and retain complete creative control. These team members will just pull in the results you want…

Secondly, you will have more time to concentrate on what you’re really good at. This will leave you with more music-making time, more time to connect with fans on social media and so on. Your team will be built up of people who are working to their own strengths. If everyone is focused on what they are good at you will achieve a lot more.

Accepting that you aren’t the best at something does not diminish what you are good at. Everyone needs help along the way. Every single musician you aspire to be like has had some kind of support on their journey even those who are unsigned. No one can be good at everything. Besides, if you did it all alone, you’d have no one to celebrate with when you reach the top of the mountain…

What Kind Of Team Do I Need?

Your team is a support network that you can rely on to assist you with things you aren’t as skilled at. They fill in the gaps in your skillset to compliment your strengths. And so, your team should be completely individual to you. Some people might work with a booking agent, a publicist, a graphic designer, a music promoter or maybe even a virtual assistant. But if you have strong personal connections with all the big local venues, why outsource that to a booking agent? You need to find team members who fill in the blanks.

Additionally, you don’t need to employ support on a full-time basis. You could hire a part timer, a freelancer or a consultant. The level of support you need will also depend on you and you may benefit most from having several freelancers on hand to do occasional work with you.

How To Decide If You Need Support

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I doing enough on my own?
    Is “enough” truly enough? If you do not have the time to commit and see the results you want, then no, you aren’t doing enough. In this case it’s obvious you will need to find an extra pair of hands to help you achieve more…
  • Is this taking up too much of my time?
    If you’re really good at something, you need to focus your time on doing that more. If you are exhausted by doing other things just because they need to be done, find someone to take them off your to-do list!
  • Am I the best person to get results?
    This requires you to be critical of your work. It can be challenging to admit that you aren’t doing it as well as you need to. But, that doesn’t mean that you are bad. A kinder way of looking at this question would be “Could someone else do this better than I can?”. When you think of it that way you’ll probably find the answer is yes to most things. So work out what the priorities are and where your skills fall short, that is where you will need support from the experts.
  • Will they help me reach my goals?
    Here’s the dealbreaker. Will this person on your team help you achieve success sooner? You want to build your support network from people who will push you closer to your goals than you could get alone. This is the key benefit that they should bring you.

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