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Getting More Spotify Streams

Getting More Spotify Streams

So here we are! You’ve got your music on Spotify and you thought you’d blow up, but no one is listening to it. Here’s the deal. Just because your music is online, doesn’t mean that people will find it...

When you upload your music you need to make it discoverable. Basically, you need to promote the hell out of it and let everyone know it’s there! Only by giving listeners accessibility will your track be found!

The music industry is getting increasingly noisy. In 2020, everyone’s online! 

What does this mean? It means that there is so much music out there… Fans are completely overwhelmed by the choice in every style, and some people just might not enjoy your sound.

As a response, the pressure is on! Artists need to work much harder just to be heard. Getting your music on Spotify simply isn’t enough in this modern age…

I know you want a million people to show up on your Spotify and start listening to your music but before you go planning that dream tour, you need to come back down to earth. In order to build your audience, you need to do it one fan at a time.

What should you do? 

Being a musician is tough. It can be a real struggle. Putting your heart and soul into your music and receiving very little reaction in return can cut deep. But, how is someone going to find your music if it never presents itself to them?

You need to work on raising awareness of you, and your music, to the people who will enjoy your sound. Really all that matters in music promotion are the things that your ideal fans care about. 

Where to start?
  • Spend time identifying and defining who your ideal fans are. This will help you know where to look, how to engage with them and how to entice them. (You should know your fans better than they know themselves!)
  • Be clear about your unique message so that you appeal to your audience and attract the right fans.
  • Focus on promoting your music using a handful of platforms. This will allow you to promote well. If you stretch yourself too thin, you’ll do poorly on them all.
  • Make new and potential fans aware of your music on Spotify. 
What to avoid?
  • Don’t randomly message potential fans or partnerships with “HEY, CHECK OUT MY MUSIC”. You will lose potential fans this way, not gain them. 
  • Stop @’ing random people on every update. You can get people to notice your updates without tagging them. This will only annoy your loyal fans and those who are being tagged.
  • Spotify Playlist Scams. These are designed to boost your Spotify Streams, but rarely are these how they seem. Check out our blog on Spotify Playlist Scams to find out more.
What will happen?

The idea is to have your music accessible when people are searching for new stuff on Spotify. These are the potential fans that you could cultivate. These are people who are interested in discovering you. What you need to do is give them the tools to do so. Focus on raising awareness of your music, as opposed to raising the stream count. It’s a slow process, but the streams will follow. 

In an ideal situation, this is what will happen: A music lover starts searching for new music, checks out a playlist and finds your song! They like it so they add it to their playlist and tell their friends about it. Their friends do the same and so on. Word of mouth is the greatest way to grow. Find out how to cultivate it here: 

Listeners trust recommendations from their friends and from playlists, bloggers and other artists they like. Listeners will never find your music if you don’t make them aware of its existence and they won’t listen to it if you spam them constantly on social media. 

If you don’t establish avenues to your music, no one can ever stroll down to it. It’s that simple. 

By setting up your music distribution with Identity Music, you can take full advantage of our music promotion support services and get your music out to all corners of the globe. You can get in touch with our team to discuss your options here!

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