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7 Ways To Build A Hype

7 Ways To Build A Hype

Excitement around your upcoming release can be the critical difference between a success and a complete flop. After you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating a song, the last thing you want is for people to miss it when it finally goes live…

The good news is: you can prevent this! You need to focus your music marketing around creating hype for your launch. By making the most of your pre-release time, you can create that buzz and kick off your track the right way. Here’s how you can amplify your music marketing strategies to start off well…


By uploading your music to your distributor early, you give yourself more time to make the most of building up excitement with an effective music marketing campaign.

Try uploading a month in advance of the planned release date. We know plenty of artists who upload in this time frame, or even several months before, in order to create a content and marketing plan. By planning out your releases and making sure that they are up and ready to go, you can really drive that music promotion.


Once your release is in the system you are able to start pitching. This is a further benefit of uploading your track early. Spotify’s playlist team reviews thousands of tracks every week. With early uploads you give a longer window of time for your track to be heard and considered. 

The team at Identity Music are experts at playlist pitching. We have successfully got our artists on a number of Spotify curated and high profile Spotify playlists and this service is provided at no charge to our music distribution clients. 


An effective way to create some hype around your upcoming track is through utilising pre-saves. Pre-save and pre-orders can make a major difference to your streaming and download numbers on release day. 

At Identity Music, we offer Spotify pre-saves free of charge as part of our music promotion support service. As well as this, we offer smart-links that couple up nicely with pre-saves and pre-orders. A smart link acts as a one-stop-shop, where your fans can see every platform your music is available on. 

When listeners pre-save your music, the platforms notice! It triggers algorithmic alerts and signals which suggests to the streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, that your music is popular and in-demand. This boosts your chances of landing a spot on an algorithmic playlist like Release Radar and Discover Weekly. 


Use your social media presence to give your current fans and followers a taste of your new release. But don’t give it all away. Use a staged teaser release to really build the suspense. Start by teasing the title. You could even have them guess what you are referring to. Then go on to release some artwork. Before finally posting a 10-15 second snippet of the track to really show them what they’re missing. You could do this with the music video, or with 10 seconds of audio over an eye-catching graphic. 


Give your profile a little bit of a makeover. Make sure that your social media and all your streaming platforms mention your upcoming track and have recent artwork and imagery. In your captions on your social media, drop a link to the smart-link so that people know where they can find your track!

Use header images to plug your upcoming release. 

Make sure that you are letting every profile visitor know when your music is coming, where it is coming and how they can get it! 

Get Press Coverage

Marketing your music can only get you so far. Focus some of your effort on outreaching to bloggers and media contacts in the run up to your release. A good PR campaign could achieve more momentum by introducing you to an audience you haven’t yet tapped into. 

Bloggers have specific audiences. They will only share your content if they think it will be of interest to their audience. This can make it challenging to get featured on a blog, but a lot more rewarding when you do! 

Be sure to enable them access to your track prior to it’s release, so that they can actually help you to build up that hype!

Use Social Media

Use your social media to launch a countdown! With a countdown, your fans will see exactly how long till it lands, and keep your new release fresh in their mind!

Create a content strategy for social media around your new release to intrigue fans. You want your fans to be excited about your new release so drop teasers, hints and anything else to build some suspense. Perhaps you could even start a hashtag for it, and encourage audience participation, competition or giveaways that utilise the hashtag and spread the reach further!  

By setting up your music distribution with Identity Music, you can take full advantage of our music promotion support services and get your music out to all corners of the globe. You can get in touch with our team to discuss your options here!

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