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Music Video Marketing

Music Video Marketing

As we head back into a lockdown this year seems like one packed full of misery. Coronavirus has brought around a lot of struggle and wide-spread changes in 2020. One of the more positive changes that has come around is the expectations of content that artists put out. Now, artists don’t need to present a perfect, pristine and polished portrayal of themselves. Instead, music videos now benefit from authenticity and intimacy.

How are music videos changing?

Thanks to the rise of streaming-social giant TikTok video is bigger than ever. It is essential that artists adopt music videos into their content promotion strategies. Since TikTok emerged, musicians have started to gain fame from short videos that go viral on the platform. Now, there are benefits and expectations around video content from aspiring music artists. Music video promotion thrives on a steady flow of video content. Without video content, you lose access to a key audience and tool. 

Prior to the rise of TikTok and the impact of the pandemic, music videos were a thing of quality. Artists were expected to use music videos to portray an interesting story through thematic layers of wealth and success. This made video content extremely expensive and challenging to obtain for a long time. 

With the change to home-made quarantined music, authentic styling has replaced perfect aesthetics. This is great news for independent artists with a limited budget. Now, you don’t need to do a Taylor and splash out to take a bath with $10 million worth of diamonds to make an effective video…

What Video Styles?

Not every video you do needs to be a fully produced music video. In the world of social media you can often entice more visitors with videography that seems “less produced”. Opting for an intimate and authentic video experience is better as fans shift their appreciation to reality. 

Rather than making every one of your videos a full cinematic production you could also do well using alternative video content. Here are a couple of options:

  • Artwork: Use some engaging artwork as the still image and play your music over it.
  • Lyric Videos: These are a fun way to engage your audience in your video. You can make practically any style and at least your fans will know the words!
  • Animated Video: If you are a skilled artist who knows how to turn their hand to animation, these are extremely popular right now. Think of Billie Eilishes’s video for ‘my future’.
  • Professional Music Video: A full video that compliments the track.
  • Live Performance: These are trickier in the current situation, but you could do some “in-studio” records, or live streaming. 
Music Videos as a Promotion Tool

When making your video think forward to how you can use this as a promotional tool. Plan to integrate a number of 10-15 second segments within it that you could take and share on social media. This will be highly beneficial given the current culture of “quick content”. Viewers do not want to dedicate three minutes of their time when checking something out on social media, instead, it needs to be quick and punchy! By making a shorter video, you stand much more chances of hitting the viral jackpot!

As you move into 2021 you should integrate music videos into your content promotion strategies. By utilising platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram you will massively increase your potential to yield more income and grow your fanbase and create opportunities to keep engaging your audience. 

Take Advantage of Free Social Tools

You don’t need to have an account on every single social platform to build a presence, although we would recommend it! Sometimes you can just utilise the platform for their video creation tool suite. Often Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram have tonnes of special effects, filters and gimmicks that work for you in creating short form videos. You can save these outside of the app and share them on the other platforms you use! 

By setting up your music distribution with Identity Music, you can take full advantage of our music promotion support services and get your music out to all corners of the globe. You can get in touch with our team to discuss your options here!

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