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Why you should do an Acoustic Cover

Why you should do an Acoustic Cover

We’ve got a hot tip for you! Yep, doing an acoustic re-release of your hit song could be just what you’ve been missing! 

By releasing an acoustic version of one of your staple sounds, you are giving your fans something new. They discover a new way to interpret it, interact with it and enjoy it. 

In many ways, it’s like sharing a whole new song, only it comes with a few more benefits. Given that it’s a brand new release for fans, it can help to build on your previous successes.

There are numerous artists who have released stripped down versions of songs, where the re-release has become a hit in its own right. Foo Fighters – “Everlong”, Ariana Grande – “Into You” and Panic! At the Disco – “This is Gospel”, to name a few!

Here’s why you should add acoustic re-releasing to your plans…


This is a great way to build on your current exposure. Firstly, current fans have a new angle to enjoy your song from. If they were already a fan of your song, you’ve given them a new form of consumption. Playing your new version, and being reminded of the original version will help to increase your stream count, and keep fans interested in your work. 


For this reason, acoustic releases make a perfect in-between project. Perhaps even an Acoustic EP of some of your more popular songs. This provides your fans with a “fill-in” that keeps them engaged and talking about your work! 

Fortunately, it is also minimal work for you compared to putting together a whole new song or  album.  You don’t need to start from scratch, you already have all the pieces. Now you just need to strip the song down and put them all back together again. 

Attract New Fans

Acoustic versions of songs can provide a tool that connects with different audiences. It could attract the more indie, folk and chilled fans out there, who perhaps wouldn’t typically look for your EDM or Heavy Metal.

Some listeners have extremely diverse music tastes, so the folk and indie fans may continue on and find other items in your catalogue that they like. Or, they may just enjoy the acoustic. Either way, you’ve got yourself a new fan and some more streams. Winner, winner!


Creating an acoustic version of your song will prove to be much cheaper than putting together a whole new piece. You already have the essential elements and you’ll be able to string together a new sound for a fraction of the cost. 

Additionally, the new release will yield more streams and in turn, create more revenue.


When you create an acoustic version of a track with a coupled music video, you present a more raw and vulnerable artist. Coming out from behind the special effects and visuals, you, a guitar, and maybe even a black and white filter, allows the fans to enter a more personal and intimate environment. 

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