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5 Ways To Improve Your Instagram

5 Ways To Improve Your Instagram

Since its launch, Instagram has rapidly developed into the ultimate photo-sharing platform. With its unique features and image-conscious focus on visual aesthetics, it took the social media world by storm and is now one of the most prominent platforms in the world. Now, it is a great way to promote yourself as an independent artist. But how should you use it? Here, are 5 ways you can start to improve your Instagram…

With more than 1 billion active monthly users and millions of likes flying around every single day, Instagram boasts incredible potential exposure. 

That’s why Instagram is home to a large number of influencers who have enormous followings. Now, with the right plan, you could take advantage of the same opportunities and yield yourself a larger fanbase. To do this, you will need to post the right kind of content. Content which connects with you followers and brings in new ones.

1. Professional Creator Profile

Before you get started on any kind of Instagram marketing plan, you need to set your profile up properly. Switch your profile to a professional one. Within this, you can select a category that describes you. You can select Musician, Blogger, Digital Creator, whichever category you feel aligns most closely with your primary focus. This category will appear on your profile just above your bio.  

2. Make a Plan

This is of vital importance. You need to be planning your posts. Winging it might work every now and then, but, but it’s not worth the risk. There is nothing worse than having great content which doesn’t yield results, because it was poorly timed!

With a structured plan, you can start to post in a way that suits your audience. Yep, even when you’re busy! You can automate the posting to work for you. Your content needs to be tailored around your fans. 

3. Don’t Overpost!

What’s the easiest way to turn your followers off? No, it’s not leaking a certain kind of picture. Although, yeah, that probably will do that too!

No, this is about over-posting! It’s a common mistake. There’s space to fill, and you want to make sure your fans know all about your work. But, just because there is a space to fill, doesn’t mean you should. If you fall into this trap, you will likely get unfollowed pretty quick. 

Think about it. Would you want to scroll through 15 photos of Drake just to see what your friends are up to? 

The goal is to post consistently enough to appear in their news feed, but not to suffocate them. Whilst there is no exact number, whilst you start out, one post a day should suffice. Develop your posting quantity by paying close attention to your insights and analytics data, suggesting when you should post. 

4. Write a Killer Bio!

It’s easy to forget about your bio, but it’s incredibly important to optimise it.  Being an independent artist, your bio gives fans a window into your world. This will be a great place for a prospective listener to understand who you are!

Additionally you will want to link to your content in the bio, ideally using a smart fan-link, which we provide free of charge.  This will give all of your Instagram followers easy access to your latest release on whatever platform they use! 

For tips on optimising your bio check out our recent blog on writing a bio.

5. Stories

If you are looking to generate some engagement, Instagram stories are perfect. They differ from regular posts, showing as a slideshow that stays for only 24 hours. 

It’s a very similar tool to Snapchat and rather than appearing in the news feed, Instagram Stories will appear in a bar at the top of the screen. They are perfect for quick updates, announcements, teasing something exciting or giving your fans a glimpse behind the scenes. 

Additionally, you can add music to your stories. Our partnership with Instagram and Facebook will enable you to get your music in the library so you and your fans can share it!  

Highlights – Set up highlights in your profile! This is a great facility to save your most popular stories. Piece together past stories so they create a short slideshow representing you as an artist. This will give fans a chance to glimpse behind the scenes and see the more human side to you. This can only help them appreciate your brand more! 

Instagram is a great way for up and coming artists to get out there! It’s all about creativity, so it’s the perfect place for you to be! Be wise about how you utilise Instagram. You don’t need to drown out someone’s newsfeed, or use all its features at once. Quality is always better than quantity and you should ensure that all content you share reflects who you are, and want to be seen as. Keep on experimenting and learn what works best for you and your audience.

If you are looking for some help then get in touch using our website chat!

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