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Getting the most out of YouTube

Getting the most out of YouTube

There are so many great streaming services out there So many to choose from that will help you get your music out to all potential audiences, all over the world. One that is a go-to platform for both artists and fans is YouTube, and it’s been that way for years! When you consider that YouTube was attracting 2 billion monthly active users in 2019, it’s easy to see why.

The sad thing is so many artists are sitting on untapped potential. YouTube is a powerful tool that is often not utilised properly and as a result, goes to waste. When done right, this platform could help you attract new listeners and keep them coming back again and again.

Here, we are going to offer some helpful little nuggets of knowledge that will help you to get the most out of YouTube. With an optimised presence you can upload music knowing that YouTube is an ally to your artist exposure and watch the streams roll in.

Post Frequency

How often should you post? In a word, the simple answer would be YES. The most content you share with your audience, the better. It provides more chances that you will be recommended to new viewers, that subscribers will be reminded about your channel and that you will continue to grow as an artist. That being said, this is dependent on your content being formatted properly and being of a good and interesting quality.

When you are creating your own content, goaling to release once a month would be ideal. Now that probably seems terrifying. But there are more types of content than just new music videos that your audience may be interested in.

Get ahead of your content by planning and producing in advance. That way you know you’ll always be ready to go when the time comes.

Content Type

Of course as a musician your primary content would be the official videos for your music and maybe static videos or lyric videos for music. But, be sure to work out what your audience enjoys from you and tailor your content to suit them! In doing this, you could end up adding other content styles such as podcasts, tour updates, studio updates and more! All you need is creative and unique content that appeals to your fans and potential fans and showcases who you are.

YouTube Premiere

With YouTube you can take advantage of a “premiere”. This can be a very exciting way to do an exclusive launch of your new music video. By doing this you can create a digital event and build a full scale marketing campaign around it using your other channels and contacts. It’s a great way to build a buzz around your new release, and YouTube will notify your subscribers to the time and date too!

An added bonus: If all goes well, you may even end up featured on the YouTube premiere home page!


Have you heard of SEO before? Many people have never heard of it and others think “marketing witchcraft” and get the stakes and pitchforks out! SEO for musicians is essential and fortunately you don’t need to be a tech savvy marketeer to do YouTube SEO. Yes, YouTube content has the facilities to be search engine optimised. In fact, almost everything you include in the description, title and caption will help, or hinder, where your video shows up in their search engine, and external linking search engines.

Make sure to plan out about 10 hashtags to use in your caption. These hashtags will help you rank for these terms as well as drive new traffic to your YouTube video. Ensure that the hashtags you use will have a focus on driving traffic to your page, rather than look good.

Post links to your social channels and other streaming platforms! Not only will these refer traffic to your other profiles, external links are SEO gold!

YouTube Advertisements

YouTube uses an advertising system known as “Trueview” which is a very resource friendly format of advertising. Unlike most other advertising, with YouTube TrueView, you’ll only pay for viewers who watch your video, rather than the opportunity to view. Monitor your ads every couple of days and pay attention to your keywords and audience demographics.

With YouTube you can choose in-stream or discovery ads. In-stream are the adverts which play before videos. Viewers will see 5 seconds and then get the option to skip the video or finish it. You will only pay if they watch at least 30 seconds, or complete the whole video if it is shorter than 30 seconds. With discovery ads, these appear in search results alongside other videos. You will pay each time your video is clicked.

Community Tab

The community tab becomes available for use once you hit 10k subscribers and as soon as it opens, you should be a regularly visitor! It is effectively a social media platform where you can posts videos, updates, gifs, photos and all manner alike! By using the community tab, you could build a genuine community around your page just like any other social media.

If you have some great music that you want to get out to the world, check out our music distribution services.

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