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Share your music with Fan Links

Share your music with Fan Links

Now the world is your oyster! You’ve started distributing with Identity Music, and you’re excited to get it out there. But before you go stuffing your posts full of links and sending out a ten page document to all your subscribers, lets talk about Fan Links…

With the help of Identity, your music is now on more than 40 of the top streaming platforms worldwide. You want to let your fans know that they can listen on the platform of their choice. But, how do you do that?

Perhaps you could send a list of links out to your fans, and fill your social media up with links? Whilst it would definitely get them out there,  would it actually reach your fans? Probably not! Link-stuffing could actually hurt your efforts to get your music out there. Whilst you may think that you are making it easy for your fans to get to your music, it often crosses the lines set by certain platforms and leads to sanctions.    


When it comes to email, sharing too many links is a sure-fire way for mail servers like google to mark you as a “promotion email”. Have you ever looked on your Gmail and seen that there is a “promotions” mailbox that just keeps growing and growing? I can almost guarantee that you never check that folder. 

Well, the bad news here is that if you tick too many of the google check-boxes, you’ll find yourself being sent there too! In order to reach your fans and share the links with them, you’ll want to end up in the regular inbox, alongside the mail that your fans will actually read. 

Social Media

Similarly on social media platforms, being marked as promotional or advertising content will definitely count against you. When social media platforms register that your content is an advertisement, they will limit the exposure it gets unless you pay for promotions. Link-stuffing is one of many ways they can detect advertisements and so sharing multiple links will destroy any potential organic reach and limit how much of your audience see it. When you share your content you want as much of your audience to see it organically as possible.

So, how should you share your music with your fans?

Sharing all of your streaming platforms with your audience should still be at the top of your to-do list. You just need to find a way to do so without setting off any promotion signals in the platforms you use. If only there was a way you could share it all on one link…

Oh, wait! There is! At Identity Music, we can set you up with a fan link free of charge.

What is a Fan Link?

A fan link, also known as a smart link, is a nifty one-page website which you can use to share all of your streaming platforms in one place. More than that, you can share any useful link you desire, including your social media platforms and website. That way, you can keep your music and your social channels growing.

How do I get one?

We provide fan links as part of our promotional support, included within our digital music distribution service. To set up a fan-link, simply reach out to your account manager or use our online support chat to request one. 

Fan links are a powerful tool that can easily share your music across all of your profiles. It provides a convenient solution to your promotion needs and enables your audience to navigate your products with ease. Avoid the risk of link-stuffing and set up a fan-link today!

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