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Supporting other music artists… For free!

Supporting other music artists… For free!

It’s so easy to support other musicians and it will cost you nothing at all. We think it’s time to start sharing the love and promote other artist’s music too!

Here are a couple of things you can do to support another artist, costing you no money and very little time.

Like a post!
Liking a post is so easy. Just double tap on it, or hit the like/heart icon below. Now you have let them know that you think they are doing a great job and more people will see it! The more interactions a post gets, the more it will be shown, so your like is sending it to more people to see.
Total cost: £0.00
Time invested: ½ second.

Leave a comment
If you liked it, then add a comment to let them know what you think. Tell them what you loved about it! Feedback is the key to growth and you want them to grow too! If you do this on twitter, then the reply will show to your audience and they can see why you love it too! You don’t even have to be elaborate here. An emoji would work, after all, a picture says 1000 words!
Total cost: £0.00
Time invested: 2 seconds.

Share their post…
You love it, and you think your audience will love it too… So, what are you waiting for? Click on that share/retweet icon and share it far and wide! Give that track the exposure it deserves!
Total cost: £0.00
Time invested: 1 second.

Tag other people
If you know someone specific who’d like it, tag them directly! Then you can guarantee that they will see it. Or, maybe you know someone who’s music taste could use an improvement… Send it their way and hope for the best!
Total cost: £0.00 
Time invested: 2 seconds (Potentially 2 hours if you tag your Nan in an EDM track… We think she might have a couple of complaints!).

So many artists believe that helping another artist will be detrimental to themselves. But that’s not true! Helping another musician promote their music is not going to hurt yours. In fact, they may return the favour and help you promote your music. But more than that, you of all people know the challenges of unlocking new audiences. Support those on the same journey as you and provide a leg up over that road-block. Invest your time in providing the support that you would appreciate receiving.

Now make sure to hit the share button, and pass this information on to your fans! Let them know about how they can make an impact.

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