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Harnessing the power of “Word of Mouth”

Harnessing the power of “Word of Mouth”

Perhaps the most powerful promotional tool you could use out there is Word of Mouth. A referral from someone you trust is unbeatable, and social media is hot for this right now. But if you don’t watch that fire, you might get burnt…

Technically, social media referrals and word of mouth are more of a multiplier than a form of promotion. How it operates is out of your control, but it has the power to increase your post reach 10x, 100x, even more than 1000x over. That’s why finding ways to use this to your advantage should always be incorporated into your music promotional strategies.

In order to grow you need to make a mark on your fans and continue to find ways of reaching new ones. Referrals are an unrivalled way of doing this. One share of your post could open up a whole network of new people. On average, each Facebook user has 338 friends, and Twitter users have 707 followers. If your post was shared 10 times, you could reach more than 7000 people. Better still, not only is this free, but this new audience will have more trust in something share by their friend.

It’s not all good though. According to many studies there is a dramatic difference in how likely a good experience is to be shared, compared to a negative experience. On average, positive news is shared with 3-5 people, whilst negative is shared with 22. This means that negative outputs are 5.5x more likely to be shared than positive. That creates a big fire hazard on social media.

Any mis-steps you make run the risk of spinning rapidly out of control. You’d be lucky if the post was just ignored. Instead, negative outputs can catch like wildfire and just keep spreading. And once it starts, you’ll find it extremely difficult to put out and soon you’ll be engulfed by the flames.

Put simply: Sending out an insensitive or offensive post could be the 10 words that ruin your career.

That being said, social media should still be one of your biggest music promotion priorities, with a big emphasis on trying to get referrals. The benefits are unrivalled and spreading positive news can provide massive increasing in audience and fanbase… 

So, ensure that the content you are putting out reflects you as an artist, and will resonate with your audience… 

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