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Identity Music’s songs of the summer!

Identity Music’s songs of the summer!

Check out the songs we recommend you add to your playlist this summer!

Ava Max- Kings and Queens

Every summer needs an electro-pop track to see it through! And this is it! Ava Max’s “Kings and Queens” is the perfect female empowerment pop track, with a subtle message and a feel-good sound…

Peaking at number 19 in the UK charts, we feel this is a somewhat under-rated hit, which definitely made it onto our summer playlist!

45,000,000+ YouTube views/ 117,000,000+ Spotify streams

Seeb x Zak Abel- Sad in Scandinavia

Move over “Summertime Sadness”, this is the perfect sad-banger for summer 2020! An EDM track with Scandinavian melancholy, giving you a touch of dancing, and all the feels! Zak Abel’s vocals remind us that how you feel will follow you round the world… Maybe there’s a plus side to our summer holidays being cancelled!

140,000+ YouTube views / 1,700,000+ Spotify streams

DaBaby ft. Riddy Rich- Rockstar

Orginally released in April, the song was re-released in June as a BLM tribute remix. The rap hit features verses which depict the rappers own experiences of racism and run-ins with the law, giving it a powerful message, as well as an incredible sound. It’s no surprise that this rap-track has pulled the top spot in the UK Charts and US Billboard 100.

24,000,000+ YouTube views / 385,000,000+ Spotify streams

Lennon Stella ft. Charlie Puth- Summer Feelings

This track gives off school disco vibes all round. Thanks for the nostalgia, Lennon! This electronic pop is sure to get you up on tour feet… And it’s called “Summer Feelings”, so it just had to make the summer list!

2,200,000+ YouTube views / 28,000,000+ Spotify streams

BabyJake- Cigarettes On Patios

Okay, we know that this one is from 2019! But isn’t 2020 cancelled anyway? Besides, you can’t tell us this isn’t perfect summer BBQ material!

5,800,000+ YouTube views / 27,000,000+ Spotify streams

VULFPECK ft. Antwaun Stanley- 3 on E

Vulfpeck’s “3 on E” is a feel good funk sound that we’ve had on repeat for weeks! With every instrument being used independently to avoid domination, the track is very easy listening. We hope that Vulfpeck enjoyed make this one, as much as we enjoy listening to it!

412,000+ YouTube views

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