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Mental Health Resources For Musicians

Mental Health Resources For Musicians

We wanted to take a moment to share some mental health support resources that are available for all those within the music community.

Let’s face it, 2021 has not been easy for anyone, with social gatherings and events being on hold, we have all been isolated to live without the support that we are used to. That might be support provided by your friends and family or it might be support from your loyal fans.

While making music can be incredibly fulfilling as well as a great source of comfort and support, musicians are often full of emotions that balance their creativity. Singer-song writers often use their emotions to enhance their musical visions and create masterpieces that fans connect to and embrace.

Mental health issues can affect anyone. Even during the best moments of our lives, we can experience mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. For musicians, that pressure to conquer the music world and be the biggest star can be such a motivating force, but it can also become overwhelming, especially when you hit a bump, growth slows or your latest release doesn’t land in the way you had hoped. Without a support system, being a musician can be overwhelming and it is very easy to close off and hide your struggles.

Struggling in silence and allowing negative feelings to grow can lead to long-term challenges, and so it is always best to reach out for support as soon as possible. For that reason, below is a list of some of the fantastic support services that are available to musicians and the music community.

Music Minds Matter
“We provide help to those dealing with a crisis, facing a long-term illness or disability, or managing in older age. We understand the complexity of being a musician and recognise the need for support that reflects the nature of the industry, whilst providing a personalised service to each musician we help.” – Music Minds Matter

Get in touch by phone: 0808 802 8008
A support line offering a 24/7 service for the whole UK music community.

BAPAM (British Association for Performing Arts Medicine)
A service that connects performers with specialist support. Alternatively, you can fill out the appointment form on the website, or pop into one of their clinic locations.

Get in touch by phone: 020 7404 8444

Open 24/7, all year round, the Samaritans are open to listen to anyone experiencing upset or struggling with difficult thoughts.

Freephone: 116 123
Welsh Language Line: 0300 123 3011 (7pm-11pm, Mon-Sun)

Switchboard LGBT
A helpline for the LGBTQ+ community with support for all problems, provided by LGBTQ+ phone operators, open 10am-10pm, 365 days a year.

National number: 0300 330 0630

Black Minds Matter UK
“We want to make mental health topics more relevant and accessible for all Black people in the U.K., removing the stigma and remodelling the services to be relevant for the Black community.” – Black Minds Matter

A support service focused on making mental health topics and support more accessible for the Black community in the UK. Visit the website to send an enquiry.

A support service for university and college students. Check out the nightline website ( to see if your college or university offers the service. All operators are compassionate, caring and student aged as well.

A helping hand will always be there for those who ask

There are mental health support resources available all over the country for anyone who finds themselves in need. We have all experienced challenges and witnessed the damage that can be done when musicians leave the negatives un-managed. These issues can hit anyone, from any background and any walk of life. It is important that we all create a safe space where those who are suffering can move forward in comfort and confidence.

If you’re a musician or someone working in the music industry who struggles with their mental health, it is important that you talk to someone you trust and feel comfortable with, whether that’s a professional, or someone you know on a personal basis. Trust us, there are many others involved in the music industry who have felt the same way as you have. Together we can empower one another by bringing our struggles to the surface.

If you would like any assistance or further guidance, contact Identity Music for more information.

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