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Avoiding Spotify Playlist Scams

Avoiding Spotify Playlist Scams

So, you’re thinking about signing up for the services of that sketchy looking Spotify playlist ad, huh? It can’t be that sketchy? You’re just being over-cautious? It will probably get you some kind of boost for the money?

Did you have a brain wave like this…?

“£5! £5 a month and they’ll put me next to Gaga! I have waited for this moment my whole life, finally! Oh my god, she will probably hear it… She’ll love it, We’ll do a colab, We’ll have dinner, I’ll be her bestie… ME AND GAGA!!!!”

Then we are sorry to be the ones who break the Gaga bestie fantasy, but you’ve probably just encountered a Spotify playlist scam.

Spotify Scams look appealing to musicians

Unfortunately, most Spotify scams are not quite as obvious as offering you a pizza night with a superstar. In fact, most of these scams can sound legitimate, even naming the Spotify curated playlists they guarantee listing on, reviews from happy clients and recent success stories.

One important thing to bear in mind when you consider deals like these; if they look too good to be true, they probably are! Most of the information you encounter here is just a trick to get you to part with your cash.

On the surface, it seems like it would be great if these services really did exist! Especially if you could pay £50 to get yourself on the top Spotify playlist.

In reality, if you could pay a small fee to guarantee placement on Spotify’s most popular playlist… Then every new artist would do it! In doing so, it would become over-subscribed and recreate the fight to be heard that you are already in!

The reality is, these companies can’t hack into curated Spotify playlists and slot your music in there for you. Spotify selects the music that is listed in their top playlists. Your music can end up in these playlists, so long as you follow the right distribution strategies, and pitch your music to Spotify correctly.

There is no way to jump the line and be the next international success for a one-time fee. Instead, selecting the right distribution platform can boost your success chances.

Is it worth trying a possible Spotify Placement Scam? You know, just encase it is real!

NO NEVER! Everything you do has consequences

Not only would you be losing the money that you paid for these placements but you would also be causing serious damage to the future of your music.

When music platforms such as Spotify see that your music has fake streams they assume that you are fraudulent and refrain from giving your music the attention it deserves.

You won’t be paid for any fake/fraudulent streams, you could lose your music distributor or label and your music won’t be accepted for editorial playlist placements.

Red Flags To Spot Spotify Scams

Here are a list of some of the red flags to spot Spotify Scams:

  1. Any services that allow you to purchase streams/playlist placements or guarantee a fixed amount of streams.
  2. A disclaimer that says that curators have not been checked to ensure chicanery. Additionally, a disclaimer for any negative impact on your music. (Stating they are not liable)
  3. Overuse of the words Organic / Authentic in the advertisement. Trying too hard to sound technical – Advertisements can contain a lot of industry jargon to sound like they know what they are doing.
  4. Not being able to contact the curator. You should be able to talk with the person or company that is offering your music promotion, not a bot!
  5. No evidence of success with previous clients. They might say ” I have worked with 100 clients and they are all happy” but unless you can see which clients and even speak to them about their experience it is more than likely a lie.
  6. If you are able to see the playlist you will be promoted on this really helps, look at the playlist made by section – if the made by name is a jumble of letters and numbers it is 99% likely to be fake.
  7. If your music is able to be accepted without the curators listening to it this is a huge red flag. Real curators like to listen to the music and ensure their playlist listeners would like it. If you have a rock playlist you wouldn’t want a pop song sitting at the top of it.

If I am looking to promote my music and don’t want any risk of scams, what can I do?

We recommend running Instagram Story advertising to niche audiences, networking directly with artists or legitimate playlist curators.

Here at Identity Music, we work closely with our artists and handle all aspects of distribution for them. By using our partnerships with over 50 digital distribution platforms, our list of contacts and playlist pitching support, we are able to ensure that you have the best chance of being featured in those popular playlists, without upfront fees! Additionally, we do offer playlist listing services as part of our music promotion service. Unlike these playlist scams, we use a network of contacts to get you listed on relevant playlists with your target audience, not shoved in a “This is Lady Gaga”.

Whether you are looking to increase your streams, reach new audiences or get featured on playlists, the best thing you can do is focus on finding the best music distribution support. So, if you grow your music the right way you may well see yourself featured next to Gaga someday! But, we aren’t promising you that pizza night…

Are you looking to get your music out there? With Identity Music you can get your music all over the globe in order to gain the maximum exposure. By using our distribution and music promotion services, you’ll be able to take control while watching your music reach new heights.

Top tips to keep you and your music safe:

  • Just because the price tag is bigger, doesn’t mean the service is any more real… It just means you will regret it more!
  • Speak with someone from their team, if you can’t contact anyone, then that is sketchy!
  • Check out their reviews on social media and google reviews… “They don’t have social media”, we hear you say? Even more sketchy!
  • Don’t fall for pressure selling tools such as limited offer countdowns and “24 people are looking at this right now” pop ups.
  • There is a big difference between popular playlists, and Spotify curated playlists. Moreover, only Spotify can list you in their curated lists.

Check out our recent article on common industry scams, so that you know what to look out for!

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