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Why is nobody listening to your music?

Why is nobody listening to your music?

“Nobody is listening to my music!”, “Why aren’t people finding my new releases?”, “I thought I’d have more streams than this by now!”- Does this sound familiar?

It can be hard to build up a new fanbase and win new listeners over, even more so when you can’t get out and blow the roof of the local music venues every weekend. All that grind on a daily basis, and it just feels like it’s all for nothing…

What many people don’t realise is that music success doesn’t just happen overnight. Most of the artists you’ve got in your Spotify playlist had to grind for years before they got their records landing in your earphones. Take Sia for example; Sia started her career in the early 1990s, and her first #1 single landed nearly 25 years later with “Cheap Thrills” in 2016. Or even Jay Z, who took almost 14 years to get his first number one! These global superstars didn’t upload their first song to YouTube, then wake up the next morning and find it on 1 billion views, and you probably won’t either.

The reality is, there is so much more to releasing music than simply releasing music… In order to create a recipe for success, you’ve got to carefully put together all the ingredients. After all, who would want to eat a cake with no sugar?

The first step is for you to take a good look at your product. Your product is made up of several factors including your music, but also your image, your audience, your marketing and your distribution. When we talk about image, we don’t just mean how you look! We mean everything about how you appear to your potential audience. In particular, your engagement with them, your artwork and your social media presence. You need to create an image that represents you and your music that your audience can engage with. In order to do this, you need to understand your audience. Take a look at the people who are listening to your music and get to know what your audience loves about you. Before long, you will be able to identify new ways to reach the fans that are just beyond your reach.,,

But the secret ingredient people often overlook is the distribution and marketing! After all, whether you’ve made an absolute masterpiece or not, how are people supposed to notice it if it doesn’t even land on their radar.

That’s where Identity Music comes in! We can manage all aspects of your digital music distribution and ensure that your music reaches new heights, sending your next big hit to every platform you could need to make it, while working with you to establish the most lucrative marketing campaigns.

If you want to get a buzz around your music, then you will need to perfect your product; you; the artist. Take some time to evaluate all aspects of your product with no bias, and when you land on the distribution steps, get in touch with the team at Identity Music and see how we can take your music on the journey it deserves.

Are you looking to get your music out there? With Identity Music you can get your music all over the globe in order to gain the maximum exposure. By using our distribution services, you’ll be able to take control while watching your music reach new heights.

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